12 of America’s Best National Park Beaches

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Hawaii.

Still recovering from the long, cold winter … or just need some sun and surf in your travel plans this year? NPCA staff pick a dozen of the best beach vacation spots at national parks around the country.

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About the Author

Online Editor Jennifer Errick

Jennifer Errick is managing editor of online communications at NPCA.

  • Alana

    What happened to all of the National Park’s beaches in the Virgin Islands?
    I was suprised to see them not mentioned at all in your slideshow of 12 of America’s Best National Park Beaches.
    Much nicer than the ones you actually chose.

    • Jennifer Errick

      Good question! We were trying to pick a mix of different kinds of beaches here and present some less-typical options (like Glacier Bay) along with more traditional choices (like Cape Cod). Trunk Bay is certainly one of the most celebrated beaches in the country, and is part of Virgin Islands NP–an amazing vacation choice. See http://www.nps.gov/viis/index.htm for more info.

  • http://www.arlohemphill.com Arlo Hemphill

    What, no Assateague?!

  • Joanne Cockerill

    I hate it when my favorite places get publicized. The next thing you know, they cease to be my favorite places. So you can imagine my relief when my favorite beaches weren’t mentioned here. I’m not telling!

  • Yankee in SC

    Hope someone notices that the descriptions do not fit the pictures or the titles and reshuffles everything.
    Lots of wonderful beaches in this country.

  • Linda Jennings

    Very nice, but the text doesn’t always agree with the pictures.

  • Lynn

    Just returned from a cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver. It included a detour into Glacier Bay. Stupendous, magnificent, awe-inspiring. Great photography above can’t beat seeing this in person.