• Everglades National Park, Florida.

    Finally, Here’s One Thing We Can All Agree On: Helping the Everglades

    What is it about the Everglades that brings people together who can’t otherwise seem to agree on anything? For example, you might not expect Democratic National Committee Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to have much in common with Tea Party-backed Republican Congressman Curt Clawson. They have different views on immigration, health care, and what […]

  • Porcupinefish in Biscayne National Park.

    Protecting Our Underwater Wonders

    Let’s Use World Water Day to Build on Our Success at Point Reyes

    Earlier this month, my husband and I escaped the endless East Coast winter and traveled to California with NPCA partners and colleagues to celebrate the wilderness at Point Reyes National Seashore. While the park’s marine wilderness designation became official in November 2012, it wasn’t until January 1, 2015, that a series of legal battles finally […]

  • A Lego bear catches Lego fish in front of a Lego ranger and visitor in this Katmai play set.

    Love National Parks? Support This Lego Project So You Can Build One Yourself

    How cool would it be, after coming home from a great national park vacation, to sit down and build your own national park? Thanks to Gavin Gardner, a new proposal on the Lego Ideas website urges the famous toy company to create a series of play sets to build aspects of three iconic national parks: […]

  • Elves Chasm in Grand Canyon National Park.

    It’s Waterfall Season! 10 Places to Celebrate

    As temperatures warm, a season’s worth of snow will melt into rushing cascades of water. Early spring is generally the best time to see waterfalls, before summer’s heat dries up the flow (though there are a couple of exceptions below). These ten picture-perfect parks are great bets to experience a natural rush. Click the photos […]

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