Take an Online Tour of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Featured in NPCA’s New Report on Fracking

The Missouri River at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Missouri River at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Long before Theodore Roosevelt became America’s 26th president, he spent years as a rancher in the rugged lands that would later become the national park that bears his name. He grew a strong attachment to the landscape, and now the park’s three distinct units cover some 70,000 acres of badlands, prairies, and forests abundant with plants and wildlife. But the area is also experiencing a new threat unknown in Roosevelt’s day: an alarming rate of new oil and gas fracking operations in the region.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of five parks that NPCA studied in-depth in our new report, National Parks and Hydraulic Fracturing. Learn more about the effects of fracking on this and other parks on NPCA’s website and tell President Obama to protect our federal lands from the dangers of this controversial oil and gas extraction method.

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