Thomas “Yellowstone” Moran: Influencing Change with Art

Can one person’s artistic vision create change and protect something astounding? In the case of painter Thomas Moran, one man’s […]

5 Tips for Visiting National Parks in Winter

As the manager of NPCA’s ParkScapes travel program for the last seven years, I’ve planned national park trips for hundreds of park […]

The alpha female wolf known as 832F in Yellowstone National Park.

Death of Alpha Wolf Sparks Renewed Concern over Hunting near Yellowstone

She was graceful and photogenic. She was a good mother. She was widely admired for her strength and beauty. But […]

A pronghorn spotted on one of Joe Josephson's hikes in Yellowstone National Park.

Hikes to See Pronghorn Feature Unexpected Guests

An Autumn Walk through the Yellowstone Backcountry

In conservation, it is easy to get wrapped up in wonky policy debates or overcome by process. Fortunately, my Nature […]

Old Faithful at Yellowstone

Call Me Ranger … National Park Ranger

With the recent release of Skyfall, the new James Bond adventure, I’m reminded of how my love of the secret […]