World War II

Commemorate Black History Month in 5 Unexpected Places

National park rangers and staff are some of the nation’s best storytellers, charged with protecting the most momentous places in […]

One Step Closer to a Manhattan Project National Historical Park

Advocates have been waiting more than a decade to create a national park that would preserve historic sites and artifacts […]

The USS Arizona, present day.

Standing with the Emotion of History

War is hell, but we keep visiting hell on a regular basis. There has been a regular string of wars […]

Calutron operators at the Manhattan Project's Oak Ridge, Tennessee Facility in the mid-1940s. US Army photo by Ed Westcott.

Preserving the Stories of Atomic City: A Q&A with Denise Kiernan

Watch Denise Kiernan live: NPCA is hosting a Google Hangout on June 11 with author Denise Kiernan, Atomic Heritage Foundation […]

Fred Korematsu with Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks.

The Legacy of Fred Korematsu

In 1942, a 23-year-old welder from Oakland, California, refused to be incarcerated in a government camp because of his ethnicity. […]