VIDEO: Native Birds and Wildlife Make a Comeback at Channel Islands National Park

Yesterday, the Park Service released more good news from Channel Islands National Park. Just a few weeks after biodiversity advocates […]

A Strong Recovery for the Island Night Lizard

What’s three inches long, lives on a remote island, and was just removed from the Endangered Species List? Meet the island night lizard, […]


Saving Beauty, One Ranch at a Time

New Addition Slated for Petrified Forest National Park

The first time NPCA’s Arizona Program Manager Kevin Dahl saw the McCauley Ranch at Petrified Forest National Park, he was […]

A bat in North Carolina with white nose syndrome.

VIDEO: New Park Service Series Explores White-Nose Syndrome and the Threat to Bats

Over the last several weeks, Park Service officials have made two sad discoveries affecting some of the most vulnerable animals in […]

Cosberella Lamaralexanderi.

Friday Photo: The Great Plaid Crawly Things of the Smokies

Scientists believe some 80,000 species live in the 800 square miles of Great Smoky Mountains National Park—a diversity of plants and […]