park volunteers

New Trails Make Acadia’s Beauty More Accessible

As a resident of the New York City area and the wife of a business school student, I’ve spent countless […]

Restoration + Poetry = Stewardship

Lessons from NPCA’s Nature Valley Restoration Event at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

As a former teacher, I’ve always associated autumn with buying pencils and notebooks and easing back into the school year. However, […]

Volunteers and staff at Harpers Ferry.

Want to Feel Happy and Appreciated? Help Out at a National Park

It’s a joyful, even goofy grin that I’ve learned to look for on the faces of National Park Service staff […]

Pinelands Preserve near Everglades National Park.

Florida Students Discover the Beauty of the Everglades by Reviving a Long-Lost Community Park

Too often when we think of national parks, we think of distant places enjoyed by tourists—yet millions of people in […]

Hikers in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Beyond Outreach: How to Deeply Engage New Audiences

Engagement is a fairly common word these days. Companies, non-profits, and public land managers alike are looking for ways to […]