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8 Reasons to Stop Playing Politics with National Parks

Remember not so long ago when Congress shut down the federal government because it failed to reach a funding agreement? […]

No Trophy Homes in Our National Parks

Support the Fund that Improves and Protects Public Land

As a child, I was inspired by the landscapes, night skies, and historic treasures in our national parks. As an […]

The U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

5 Ways the New Congress Can Support National Parks

If you’re looking forward to the New Year and getting ready to turn over a new leaf, you aren’t alone. […]

Passengers board the free shuttle at the Zion National Park visitor center.

Park Fees Should Benefit Park Visitors

Congress Needs to Act Soon So National Parks Can Keep the Fees They Collect

Have you ever marveled at the pink and red sandstone cliffs at Zion National Park while learning about the area’s […]

The Blue Ridge Parkway.

National Park Construction Projects in Jeopardy

An FAQ on the Highway Trust Fund

In Massachusetts, park officials barricaded a bridge leading into Lowell National Historical Park because bricks in the structure could fall […]