Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

Remembering the Civil War Overland Campaign of 1864

If These Parks Could Talk

Remembering the Civil War Overland Campaign of 1864

One hundred and fifty years ago last week, two large armies stirred from their winter camps in central Virginia and […]

Trivia Challenge: Guess This Park-Inspired Poet

Q: What famed 19th century poet was inspired to serve as a nurse during the Civil War after spending time […]


National Parks Are a Grand Bargain

Congress Must Stop the Damage to America’s Best Idea

“It was a complete shock,” admits Mattea Sanders. A graduate student at American University, Mattea spent her last four summers […]

The Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Five Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day–Free–at a National Park

Update November 8, 2013: This year, the Park Service will again be waiving entrance fees throughout the park system for […]