Death Valley

Celebrate the Special Wonders of a Dark Sky

10 Spectacular Parks for Stargazing

Celebrate the Special Wonders of a Dark Sky

As the days get shorter, stargazers have more opportunities to celebrate the night—and national parks offer some of the darkest […]

Best of the ’Net: The Outer Space Edition

Our national parks remind us how diverse we are as a nation, where we come from, where we have been… […]

Best of the Net featuring Death Valley Dreamlapse

Best of the ’Net: The Slow and Cute Edition

Best of the ’Net is NPCA’s weekly roundup of fun park-related stuff online. This week, we celebrate Death Valley at […]

A still from Gavin Heffernan's DreamLapse.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of “Death Valley Dreamlapse”

Last week, staff at NPCA escaped for a few minutes into the desert—virtually, at least—as we marveled at the latest […]

The night sky at Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

Author Shares His Love for the Darkest Skies and Most Brilliant Stars

Paul Bogard has a great gig traveling around the world to ponder the darkness of night skies and the corresponding […]