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Don’t Just See the Movie! Honor Lincoln’s Memory by Helping to Preserve More of Gettysburg

Today is the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. President Abraham Lincoln’s short but masterful affirmation of freedom and human […]

Congress: Time to Stop Bickering and Keep Our National Parks Open

Note: Here’s where you can take action to keep parks open. Today in northern Arkansas, an unusual thing happened: Park Service […]


Going Beyond Boundaries: Preservation and National Parks

For historic preservationists, the conservation of American cultural and natural history often begins in our national parks. This is where […]

Paul Chavez, son of Cesar Chavez, speaks at the dedication of the new national monument.

Sí Lo Hicimos

We’ve Finally Honored One of My Greatest Heroes, César Chávez

A sea of more than 6,000 school children, politicians, farm workers, National Park Service rangers, community members, journalists, and celebrities […]

Educational center at La Paz

César E. Chávez National Monument an Excellent First Step Toward Honoring the Influential Labor Leader

NPCA commends President Barack Obama for announcing on Monday that he will designate a César E. Chávez National Monument in […]