Civil War

Victory: Incinerator Project Defeated at Monocacy

For nearly a decade, county officials in Maryland had planned to build a large trash-burning incinerator just yards away from […]

A Unique City with an Explosive Past

Explore Georgia's historic and picturesque Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

This story is part of our series on national heritage areas, the large lived-in landscapes managed through innovative partnerships to […]


If These Parks Could Talk

Remembering the Civil War Overland Campaign of 1864

One hundred and fifty years ago last week, two large armies stirred from their winter camps in central Virginia and […]


Trivia Challenge: Guess This Park-Inspired Poet

Q: What famed 19th century poet was inspired to serve as a nurse during the Civil War after spending time at […]

Sunset over the national military park at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Partners and Progress: Bringing 1863 Back to Life at Gettysburg

Twenty years ago, a 307-foot-high observation tower loomed over the historic battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Utility lines laced the sky, […]