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The post should have read: Qinghai is one of China’s most diverse.

Yes, areas of Qinghai are being developed in unethical and environmentally destructive manners, much like areas of the Western United States where oil, gas and coal companies are king. Profit over people is not okay, in the United States or anywhere in the world.

Similar to how national parks are created in the United States, a group of people (who all grew up in the city of Xining) are working to protect the most culturally & environmentally important areas from development, through the creation of Kunlun National Park.

I was one of 4 Americans on the trip, none of us spoke Mandarin. Fortunately we traveled with locals who spoke Mandarin and served as translators the entire time. I learned a few words of Mandarin and discovered that smiles, body language and hand gestures go far when communicating with people who “do not speak the same language.” Kindness goes a long way everywhere in the world.

The trip was paid for by our local hosts in China, no U.S. dollars were spent.

The only promise I made was to myself, to speak about Qinghai, China from my heart.

By: Dory Wang Sat, 17 Nov 2012 15:19:15 +0000 Qinghai is NOT China’s most ethnically diverse. Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan all have populations that are far more ethnically diverse. Like much of the rest of China, Qinghai is for sale to the highest bidder–international or domestic. Witness the presence of Canadian mining interests and the many unregulated, horribly destructive mineral and coal mines in the province who bribe their way to making money for corrupt officials and the companies themselves.

How much liquor was poured down your throat? What did you promise in return? Free trips to the US? Paid for by whom?

Was your trip to Qinghai paid for by US taxpayers? If not, by whom? How did you communicate with people if you don’t know a word of Mandarin? Why no mention of Salar and Monguor people?