Focus on Water: New GeoStory Highlights Park Champions

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan. Photo © Oseland/Dreamstime.

Summer officially begins today, and with it comes long, hot days with many hours of sunlight. It’s a time when outside activities—especially those involving water—reign supreme.

In celebration of summer, we invite you to get to know 12 park champions who are restoring, conserving, and educating others about our national waters and our national parks. The stories that they tell demonstrate the range of threats to national park waters and the inspiring diversity of action that people are taking to protect and preserve our national treasures for future generations.

The health of our national parks is directly linked to the health of the waters that surround and flow through them. From Sleeping Bear Dunes to Canyonlands, Everglades to Olympic, water is central to features, wildlife, recreation, and aesthetics and is fundamental to visitor enjoyment.

However, beyond national park boundaries, the health of these waters is being jeopardized by urban development, degraded water quality, invasive species, altered water flows, climate change, and loss of habitat. Fortunately, these individuals are dedicated to ensuring that our Great Waters and surrounding national parks remain America’s treasures.

In partnership with National Geographic, we showcase these stories in a GeoStory—an interactive platform that combines maps with stories and photos so that viewers can visually explore places and issues. You can zoom in the map and see nearby national parks.

Explore the GeoStory here:

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