Check Out The National Parks Band That Supports National Park Lands

The National Parks band.

The National Parks band. Photo courtesy of the artists.

If you’re like me, you love the peaceful sounds of national parks. Here’s a chance to check out the inventive sounds of The National Parks—indie-folk artists Brady Parks, Sydney Carling, and Paige Wagner who make up the up-and-coming band one musician described as “the Lumineers meets Of Monsters and Men.”

Starting today, The National Parks band is donating all the proceeds from the first month of sales for its new single, “As We Ran,” to NPCA. That means for just 99 cents you can own a beautiful tune and make a contribution to a great cause. That’s what eco-minded music lovers like me call a “no-brainer.”

As you might expect, the band members find inspiration in the national parks and have felt especially motivated to do more to protect them after last October’s federal government shutdown. The new single, “As We Ran,” will appear in the upcoming film Love in the Tetons by National Park Experience (led by former NPCA staff member Amy Marquis). Check out the trailer below for a preview of the movie and see the band’s lyric video for the single, then download the song here to put your dollar to work for the parks and give yourself a lovely reward.

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Perry Wheeler is media relations manager at NPCA

  • Michael

    Great Song but how do you make a music video called The Great Tetons and not have video of the Teton Mountains?

    • Jennifer Errick

      Michael, This is not actually meant to be the official music video but more a way to preview the song before buying it. If you’re interested in gorgeous views of the Tetons, do check out the movie trailer from National Park Experience. You can also check out NPCA’s recent slideshow on the Tetons!