Grab Bag

Tackling a Mountain with Mom

For ages, I’d been trying to convince my mom to get outside. As someone who loves being in nature, I […]

Trivia Challenge: Name This “Crooked River” Park

Q: Decades before this Midwestern site officially became a national park, the severe pollution in its river outraged and embarrassed […]

The Washington Monument. Photo © Scott Kirkwood.

FAQ: Celebrating the Monument of Monuments

As the tallest structure in the nation’s capital and one of the most iconic, the historic obelisk honoring America’s first […]


Knope Says Yup

National Parks Group Welcomes the Newest Addition to the National Park Service

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) in Redwood Forest. Photo © Steve Jennings/NBC. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, […]

Doreen Taylor. Photo © John Hayes Photography.

Her True Colors: A Q&A with Award-Winning Musician Doreen Taylor

Last week, award-winning songstress Doreen Taylor released her new single, “Colors of the USA,” which she wrote and produced to […]