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Five Interesting Facts about Civil War Battlefield Tourism

A woman in period dress at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland.

A woman in period dress at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland. Photo © Laura Connors.

Blue, Gray & Green report by the Civil War TrustEarlier this week, the Civil War Trust released a ten-page report packed with photos, statistics, and testimonials on the benefits Civil War battlefields have on the economy. The study, Blue, Gray & Green: Economic & Tourism Benefits of Battlefield Preservation, updates the group’s previous economic impact research with new information that underscores the importance of these historic sites during the 150th anniversary of the war, which continues through 2015. The bottom line: Much like national parks in general, Civil War battlefields draw enthusiastic tourists, generate revenue for local communities, boost property values, and support jobs.

Here are five interesting facts that stood out for me as I read through the report:

  1. Civil War tourists love learning and tend to have cash to spare: They earn a higher household income, on average, than the general population, and more than half are college graduates, compared to the nationwide average of 24 percent.
  2. The average family of four visiting a Civil War battlefield spends $1,000 on their trip—and their spending looks something like this:An infographic on how the average family of four spends $1000 in an average trip to a Civil War battlefield
  3. In Virginia alone, tourists at Civil War battlefields stay twice as long and spend twice as much as the average tourist.
  4. On average, visits by 956 tourists support one job in a battlefield community.
  5. In Philadelphia, property values increase an average of 1.6 percent for each mile closer the property is to a national historic district.

For more great information on battlefield visitation in general and the specific effects places like Antietam, Chickamauga, and Harper’s Ferry have on their communities, read the report on the Civil War Trust website.

-Jennifer Errick, Editor, Online Communications

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