Best of the ’Net: The Slow and Cute Edition

Best of the Net featuring Death Valley Dreamlapse

Best of the ’Net is NPCA’s weekly roundup of fun park-related stuff online.

This week, we celebrate Death Valley at night, enjoy another top 20 list, get a good reminder to slow down and take things in, and catch a couple of celebrities showing their support for one of America’s amazing landscapes, among other things.

Death Valley Star Trails by Sunchaser Pictures

  1. Sunchaser Pictures did it again. They created another great timelapse video in Death Valley National Park, Death Valley Dreamlapse 2. Death Valley is not only the lowest point in North America, but this past February the International Dark-Sky Association also designated Death Valley as the world’s newest and largest “Gold Tier” International Dark Sky Park. This three-minute film celebrates how special the park is after the stars come out.
  2. It’s smart to be slow. Facebook national park supporter Shari S. posted this to Yellowstone National Park’s Facebook page. Slowing down is always a good safety reminder, but John Muir said it best when asked about the word hike: “I don’t like either the word or the thing. People ought to saunter in the mountains—not hike!” Don’t forget to slow down for the wildlife, but also to enjoy what the national parks can show you.
  3. I love lists. More importantly, I love checking things off of my lists. But an ever-growing list of mine is my “amazing places to visit in my lifetime” list. CNN just published “20 of the world’s most beautiful World Heritage Sites,” and it wouldn’t be an accurate list without one of our most iconic national parks. What national parks have you yet to cross off?
  4. Baby animals can help you on the job. I read a study once that taking a minute of each day to look at baby animals will increase productivity. Here is your dose of cute baby bison in Yellowstone National Park. I hope this improves your productivity.
  5. I have a confession to make: I am addicted to infographics. REI just came out with a great one for Hiking the Beautiful USA. This infographic illustrates the scale of these amazing trails and shares tips for packing, too. Check it out and plan your next hike!
  6. Celebrities pose for the canyons. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah were spotted in Moab, Utah, where they happily took this picture supporting the protection of Greater Canyonlands.

Let me know what you have found on the ’net, and it could be in next week’s blog post!

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