Best of the ’Net: The Kid-Friendly and .007 Approved Edition


This week’s Best of the ‘Net includes a virtual way to connect to Alaskan bears, fun things for kids to do in Yosemite, and cool gadgets to make your next camping trip more hi-tech.

  1. Our 401 national park sites span all 50 states, districts, and territories. The amazing cameras at can help connect us to these hard-to-get-to park units. Watch these brown bears fish for salmon while cooling off in Brooks Fallsin Katmai National Park and Preserve. Really cool feature alert: You can capture your own photos—here is mine!
  2. Speaking of Katmai, check out this great in-depth look at the park! This column features 10-year veteran Ranger Roy Wood and includes interesting facts, must-see attractions, favorite spots, and some lesser-known areas to check out.
  3. Visiting Yosemite? Have kids? Check out this cool “Yosemite for Kids” infographic to ensure that your children have the best experience!
  4. Check out this list of hi-tech ways to “Go Camping like James Bond with this Crazy Tech Gear.” Knowing .007, this list of technology is just the tip of the iceberg, and a fun way to see what is out there as far as innovative camping solutions are concerned.

About the Author

Senior Coordinator for Online Communications Megan Cantrell

Megan Cantrell is NPCA’s senior coordinator of online communications and loves to bike, hike, and volunteer in our national parks as much as she can.