Best of the ’Net: The Experience Our Parks Edition

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Americans—all Americans—have a connection to our national parks. They are ours, our history, a reminder of our diverse culture, and the majestic landscapes that makes our country an amazing place to explore.

  1. The American Latino Expedition was launched on August 1st featuring bloggers from across the country as they embarked on a national park adventure to showcase how American Latinos contributed to these sites. This weekend, the “Travelistas in Nature” head out to Olympic National Park. Learn more about this expedition and read about the travelistas’ experiences.
  2. This Sunday, August 25, marks the 97th birthday of the National Park Service. Not only is it a wonderful time to reflect on the foresight of the founding of the agency, but it is also another free entrance day in our national parks! Don’t forget to mark your calendars with all the fee-free days.
  3. America’s national parks are here for everyone to experience. A new group called NPX just launched an awesome Kickstarter project with the purpose of creating ten short films that remind all of us that “we are an important part of the National Park Experience (NPX).” By making these films, NPX hopes to create an invitation to every American—despite age, race, religion, politics, or economic status—to embrace and become a part of America’s Best Idea. So, check out their Kickstarter page, follow them on Twitter, and find them on Facebook to learn more about the short film project.

About the Author

Senior Coordinator for Online Communications Megan Cantrell

Megan Cantrell is social media manager for NPCA and loves to bike, hike, and volunteer in our national parks as much as she can.